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Written By: Mark Scott

The final day of the Combine showcased the Defensive Backs for coaches, executives and scouts. Projected first round talent was on display as Morris Claiborne, Dre Kirkpatrick and Janoris Jenkins took center stage. Central Florida’s Josh Robinson dominated the workouts and really got his name out there, while Notre Dame’s Harrison Smith took advantage of Mark Barron’s absence due to injury showing that he was the top safety competing at the Combine. This wraps up the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine.

  • Workout Results – Cornerbacks
    • 40 Yard Dash – 1.Josh Robinson, UCF, 4.33 / 2.Ron Brooks, LSU, 4.37 / 3.Stephon Gilmore, Scar, 4.40 / 4.Coty Sensabaugh, Clem, 4.42 / 5.Dwight Bentley, LaLaf, 4.43 / 6.Janoris Jenkins, NAla, 4.46 / 7.Jayron Hosley, Vtch, 4.47 / 8.Coryell Judie, TxAM, 4.48 / 9.Asa Jackson, CalP, 4.49 / 10.Morris Claiborne, LSU, 4.50 / 11.Dre Kirkpatrick, Ala, 4.51
    • Vertical Jump – 1.Justin Bethel, Pres, 39.5” / 2.Josh Robinson, 38.5” / 3.Ron Brooks, LSU, 38” / 4.Alfonzo Dennard, Neb, 37” / 4.Coryell Judie, TxAM, 37” / 4.Coty Sensabaugh, Clem, 37” / 7.Antwuan Reed, Pitt, 36.5”
    • Broad Jump – 1.Josh Robinson, UCF, 11’1” / 2.Justin Bethel, Pres, 10’11” / 3.Coryell Judie, TxAM, 10’6” / 4.Jamell Fleming, Okla, 10’5” / 5.Josh Norman, CCar, 10’4” / 5.Antwuan Reed, Pitt, 10’4” / 7.Stephon Gilmore, Scar, 10’3” / 8.Trumaine Johnson, Mont, 10’2” / 8.Coty Sensabaugh, Clem, 10’2”
    • 3 Cone Drill – 1.Josh Robinson, UCF, 6.55s / 2.Terrence Frederick, TxAM, 6.59s / 3.Coty Sensabaugh, Clem, 6.60s / 4.Stephon Gilmore, Scar, 6.61s / 5.Robert Blanton, ND, 6.71s / 5.Jamell Fleming, Okla, 6.71s / 7.Casey Hayward, Vand, 6.76s / 8.Justin Bethel, Pres, 6.79s / 8.Cliff Harris, Oreg, 6.79s/ 10.Antonio Fenelus, Wisc, 6.80s
    • 20 Yard Shuttle – 1.Casey Hayward, Vand, 3.90s / 2.Stephon Gilmore, Scar, 3.94s / 3.Robert Blanton,ND,3.97s / 3.Jamell Fleming, Okla, 3.97s / 3.Josh Robinson, UCF, 3.97s / 6.Trevin Wade, Arz, 4.00s / 7.Terrence Frederick, TxAM, 4.03s / 7.Asa Jakson, CalP, 4.03s / 9.Charles Brown, UNC, 4.06s / 9.Coty Sensabaugh, Clem, 4.06s
    • 60 Yard TD Shuttle – 1.Jamell Fleming, Okla, 10.75s / 2.Casey Hayward, Vand, 11.10s / 3.Terrence Frederick, TxAM, 11.13s / 4.Stephon Gilmore, Scar, 11.15s / 5.Janoris Jenkins, NAla, 11.23s / 6.Trevin Wade, Arz, 11.25s / 7.Robert Blanton, ND, 11.28s / 7.Mike Harris, FSU, 11.28s / 9.Leonard Johnson, IWSt, 11.40s / 10.Morris Claiborne, LSU, 11.44s
    • *Jamell Fleming – New Combine Record – 60 Yard TD Shuttle
  • Top rated corner Morris Claiborne didn’t blow scouts away with his results in the measureables, although they were decent numbers, but it was his outstanding work in the field drills that solidified him as the clear cut top cornerback in the draft and a top ten pick. Scouts also love his length, especially his long arms, the longest among cornerbacks.  Janoris Jenkins continued to impress scouts with his ability as he put together very good results in the measurables and then looked absolutely fantastic in the football drills. He was easily the best of the group in the field drills as he looked fast, agile and smooth while moving backwards, changing directions and in his anticipation. Jenkins is without a doubt a top half of the first round talent, but will have to show that all of his off-the field concerns are behind him. Dre Kirkpatrick also had a very good Combine displaying good speed and footwork to go with his excellent height and length. While the top three corners had great days, it was Central Florida’s Josh Robinson who was the star of the workouts as he finished among the top results in the majority of drills, including top finishes in the 3 cone drill, broad jump and the fastest time of everyone at the Combine with a 4.33 in the 40. He definitely caught the eye of multiple scouts and may have moved himself into a possible Day 2 selection. Dwight Bentley continued to surge up draft boards since the draft season started as he put in another great workout for scouts. He came out of the college football regular season as a late round pick, but after a great Senior Bowl and Combine, Bentley has moved himself all the way into possible second round discussions. Stephon Gilmore, Casey Hayward, Jayron Hosely and Jamell Fleming also had good performances in the workouts. The massive Trumaine Johnson put up some good results in drills, but also looked a bit stiff when changing directions and is probably a better fit as a safety with his size and strength.  There wasn’t really any awful performances, but Iowa State’s Leonard Johnson did not perform all that well in any of the drills and probably saw his stock drop a bit with all of the great workouts by others at the Combine. He does have very good game tape though, which should keep him in the third round.
  • Workout Results – Safety
    • 40 Yard Dash – 1.Christian Thompson, SCSt, 4.50 / 2.Sean Richardson, Vand, 4.52 / 2.Trent Robinson, MCSt, 4.52 / 4.Kelcie McCray, AKSt, 4.54 / 5.Corey White, Sam, 4.55 / 6.Jeron McMillian, Mai, 4.56 / 7.Harrison Smith, ND, 4.57 / 8.Brandon Taylor, LSU, 4.58
    • Vertical Jump – 1.Sean Richardson, Vand, 38.5” / 2.Corey White, Sam, 37.5” / 3.Charles Mitchell, MSSt, 37” / 4.Janzen Jackson, McNSt, 36.5” / 4.Jeron McMillian, 36.5” / 6.Johnny Thomas, OKSt, 35.5” / 7.Duke Ihenacho, SJSt, 35”/ 7.Trent Richardson, MCSt, 35” / 9.George Iloka, BSSt, 34.5”
    • Broad Jump – 1.Sean Richardson, Vand, 10’8” / 2.Charles Mitchell, MSSt, 10’7”/3.Corey White, Sam, 10’6” / 4.Janzen Jackson, McNSt, 10’5” / 4.Trent Richardson, MCSt, 10’5” / 6.George Iloka, BSSt, 10’4” / 7.Johnny Thomas, OKSt, 10’3”
    • 3 Cone Drill – 1.Harrison Smith, ND, 6.63s / 2.Jeron McMillian, Mai, 6.69s / 3.Corey White, Sam, 6.72 / 4.Duke Ihenacho, SJSt, 6.78s / 5.Janzen Jackson, McNSt, 6.90s / 6.Charles Mitchell, MSSt, 6.93s / 7.Delano Howell, Stan, 6.97s
    • 20 Yard Shuttle – 1.George Iloka, BSSt, 4.03s / 2.Harrison Smith, ND, 4.12s / 3.Christian Thompson, SCSt, 4.13s / 4.Sean Cattouse, Cal, 4.15s / 4.Delano Howell, Stan, 4.15s / 4.Janzen Jackson, McNSt, 4.15s / 4.Trent Robinson, MCSt, 4.15s
    • 60 Yard TD Shuttle – 1.Kelcie McCray, AKSt, 11.56s / 2.Antonio Allen, Scar, 11.59s / 3.Christian Thompson, SCSt, 11.72s / 4.George Iloka, BSSt, 11.75s / 5.Charles Mitchell, MSSt, 11.78s
  • It was Harrison Smith who stepped up among the safety class with the top rated Mark Barron out of the workouts recovering from recent surgery. Smith put on a fantastic performance in the measureables finishing among the top results in every drill including a first place finish in the 3 cone drill and then performed even better on the field in the football drills. He was smooth and showed great movement and good balls skills. He is easily the No.2 rated Safety after the Combine and could enter first round discussions. LSU Safety Brandon Taylor stated his case that he was an integral part to the Tigers’ secondary and not just a benefactor of his more famous teammates Morris Claiborne and Tyrann Mathieu with an excellent performance at the Combine and should see his stock improve. George Iloka proved to be a bit of a workout warrior as he did well during the measureable drills, but struggled and looked very stiff in the on the field drills. He could be moved to linebacker if he can add another 20lbs to his frame.
  • Media Mentions
    • Reports have the Cowboys very interested in signing Kansas City unrestricted free agent CB Brandon Carr to help improve their secondary. Signing Carr will allow Dallas to focus on another position like Outside Linebacker or Guard at the draft.
    • There are reports that New York Jets are looking to trade OLB Bart Scott and have given him permission to seek one. There is sure to be teams that are interested in the veteran linebacker, though they will all likely wait for the Jets to cut him loose largely due to Scott’s declining production and $4.2 million salary. It is most likely that his days with the Jets are over. New York was already looking at 3-4 outside linebackers in the draft as a possibility, but now with Scott’s probable departure, it is a position that goes straight to the top of the needs list. Expect them to take an outside linebacker in the first round.
    • The San Diego Chargers are reportedly interested in Colts free agent Reggie Wayne should they miss out on resigning their own free agent Vincent Jackson.  They are also looking at another Colts free agent in Robert Mathis to help improve their pass rush.
    • Speculation has the Denver Broncos interested in signing Bengals free agent DT Jonathon Fanene to improve their defensive line, particularly on the interior.
    • John Clayton has reported that the Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins appear to be the favorites to work out a deal with the Rams for the No.2 pick to land QB Robert Griffin III. The Dolphins and Seahawks have an outside shot.
    • The Seattle Seahawks are could be the favorites to land Houston free agent DE Mario Williams.
    • San Francisco resigned OLB Ahmad Brooks to a new 6-year $44.5 million contract. The 49ers probably won’t look at taking an outside linebacker till later in the draft, if at all.
    • The Chargers will likely be in the market for some new offensive linemen as Kris Dielman looks to be headed for retirement and LT Marcus McNeill could be cut. They already released DE Luis Castillo.
    • In an attempt to get under the salary cap and bring back restricted free agent WR Mike Wallace, the Steelers could release DE Aaron Smith, NT Casey Hampton and ILB James Farrior among others. They have already restructured a number of contracts including Ben Roethlisberger and Lamar Woodley.
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