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Written By: Mark Scott

The Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III show got going on Day 5 of the NFL Scouting Combine as the Quarterbacks, as well as the Running Backs and Wide Receivers took to the field for their chance to compete in drills. Meanwhile the Defensive Linemen and Linebackers battled it out on the Bench Press and the Defensive Backs had their day with the media.

  • Workout Results – Quarterbacks
    • 40 Yard Dash – 1.Robert Griffin III, Bay, 4.41 / 2.Russell Wilson, Wisc, 4.55 / 3.Jordan Jefferson, LSU, 4.65 / 4.Andrew Luck, Stan, 4.67 / 5.Aaron Corp, Rich, 4.72 / 5.Jacory Harris, Mia, 4.72
    • Vertical Jump – 1.Robert Griffin III, Bay, 39” / 2.Jacory Harris, Mia, 37” / 3. Jordan Jefferson, LSU, 36.5” / 4.Andrew Luck, Stan, 36” / 4.Darron Thomas, Oreg, 36”
    • Broad Jump – 1.Andrew Luck, Stan, 10’4” / 2.Darron Thomas, Oreg, 10’1” / 3.Robert Griffin III, Bay, 10’0” / 4.Russell Wilson, Wisc, 9’10” / 5.Jordan Jefferson, LSU, 9’8”
    • 3 Cone Drill – 1.Austin Davis, SMSP, 6.73s / 2.Chandler Harnish, NIll, 4.78s / 3.Andrew Luck, Stan, 6.80s / 4.Jordan Jefferson, LSU, 6.81s / 5.Russell Wilson, Wisc, 6.97s
    • 20 Yard Shuttle – 1.Jordan Jefferson, LSU, 4.06s / 2.Russell Wilson, Wisc, 4.09s / 3.Austin Davis, SMSP, 4.11s / 4.Chandler Harnish, NIll, 4.15s / 5.Andrew Luck, Stan, 4.28s / 5.Darron Thomas, Oreg, 4.28s
  • While Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III elected not to throw at the Combine, but instead wait till their pro days, they still stole the show as the two top Quarterbacks were highly impressive performing in various other drills. Luck posted numbers among the top five in every category, including a 10’4” Broad Jump that led all Quarterbacks. Griffin III was outstanding in the three drills he chose to do as he posted a 4.41 in the 40 to lead all QBs, as well as the top score in the vertical jump with 39”. Despite not throwing, Luck and Griffin III only solidified themselves as not only the top two Quarterbacks in the draft, but as the two best players in the draft.  Meanwhile the consensus No.3 and 4 rated Quarterbacks, Ryan Tannehill and Brock Osweiler did not compete in any drills because of foot injuries, although some have questioned the validity of Osweiler’s injury. Possible late round picks, Jordan Jefferson, Darron Thomas and Russell Wilson all put up very good numbers during the measureable drills, but Jefferson and Thomas did not perform well throwing the ball, while Wilson did show that he has a good arm and one of the top pure athletes at the position, it will be his short stature that hurts his stock.  Kirk Cousins might have made a move up the draft boards in the absence of Tannehill and Osweiler, as the Michigan State product put up okay numbers in the measurable drills, but looked fantastic throwing the football displaying excellent accuracy and decent arm strength to all levels, while showing off good footwork and a great delivery. He also has a ton of experience, leadership and that crucial clutch gene. Off the radar players Aaron Corp and Austin Davis performed well during the football drills too. Nick Foles was the biggest disappointment of the group as he put together a poor workout in most drills and was very erratic when throwing the football. His stock definitely took the biggest hit of any of the Quarterbacks. Case Keenum also had a bad day.
  • Workout Results – Running Backs
    • 40 Yard Dash – 1.Lamar Miller, Mia, 4.40 / 2.Ronnie Hillman, SDSt, 4.45 / 2.LaMichael James, Oreg, 4.45 / 2.Chris Rainey, Fla, 4.45 / 5.Cyrus Gray , TxAM, 4.47 / 5.Isaiah Pead, Cin, 4.47
    • Vertical Jump – 1.David Wilson, Vtch, 41” / 2.Brandon Bolden, Miss, 38” / 3.Terrance Ganaway, Bay, 37.5” / 4.Ronnie Hillman, SDSt, 37” / 5.Bradie Ewing, Wisc, 36.5” / 5.Bernard Pierce, Temp, 36.5” / 5.Chris Rainey, Fla, 36.5”
    • Broad Jump – 1.David Wilson, Vtch, 11’0” / 2.LaMichael James, Oreg, 10’3” / 2.Bernard Pierce, Temp, 10’3” / 4.Robert Turbin, UTSt, 10’2” / 5.Bradie Ewing, Wisc, 10’0” / 5.Doug Martin, BSSt, 10’0” / 5.Chris Rainey, Fla, 10’0”
    • 3 Cone Drill – 1.Chris Rainey, Fla, 6.50s / 2.Doug Martin, BSSt, 6.79s / 3.LaMichael James, Oreg, 6.88s / 4.Isaiah Pead, Cin, 6.95s / 5.Brandon Bolden, Miss, 6.96s
    • 20 Yard Shuttle – 1.Chris Rainey, Fla, 3.93s / 2.Dan Herron, OSU, 4.04s / 3. LaMichael James, Oreg, 4.12s / 3.David Wilson, Vtch, 4.12s / 5.Bradie Ewing, Wisc, 4.16s / 5.Doug Martin, BSSt, 4.16s
    • 60 Yard TD Shuttle – 1.Chris Rainey, Fla, 11.06s / 2.Doug Martin, BSSt, 11.29s / 3.Davin Meggett, Myld, 11.53s / 4.David Wilson, Vtch, 11.59s / 5.Dan Herron, OSU, 11.60s
    • *Chris Rainey, New Combine Records – 3 Cone Drill, 20 Yard Shuttle, 60 Yard TD Shuttle
  • Despite top rated Trent Richardson sitting out the Combine following knee surgery, the Running Backs put on a number of excellent workouts and only a few disappointing ones. Chris Rainey was the star of the group as he finished among the top five in every category and set new Combine records in the 3 Cone drill, 20 Yard Shuttle and 60 Yard TD Shuttle. He also looked fantastic in the football drills, especially as a receiver. Lamar Miller and LaMichael James, as well as Rainey topped the list in the 40 with Miller posting an official 4.40 as the fastest 40 at the position. Doug Martin had a fantastic day, on top of his 28 reps in the Bench Press Saturday to lead the group and had scouts talking about him more than any other back. He performed well in all of the football drills and is now being labeled as a three-down back. He could now be the second Running Back off the board behind Richardson. David Wilson put on a great performance too as showed serious speed with an official 4.49 in the 40 and excellent athleticism with a 41” vertical and 11’0” broad jump to lead both categories by big margins, while showing terrific receiving skills. Robert Turbin and Ronnie Hillman need to be mentioned as they both looked great, especially the thickly built Turbin who showed great speed to go with all of his strength and power. Chris Polk made up some ground after a horrible Senior Bowl week, but is was Rainey, Martin and Wilson who stood out and had the best performances off all the Running Backs. As for the disappointing workouts, Terrance Ganaway was okay, but may ultimately find himself playing as more of a fullback at the next level and USC’s Marc Tyler was awful with a day to forget. Dan Herron struggled too and was a big disappointment as well.
  • Workout Results – Wide Receivers
    • 40 Yard Dash – 1.Travis Benjamin, Mia, 4.36 / 1.Stephen Hill, Gtch, 4.36 / 1.Chris Owusu, Stan, 4.36 / 4.A.J. Jenkins, Ill, 4.39 / 4.Devon Wylie, FRSt, 4.39
    • Vertical Jump – 1.Kashif Moore, Conn, 43.5” / 2.Jerrell Jackson, Mizz, 41” / 3.Chris Owusu, Stan, 40.5” / 4.Stephen Hill, Gtch, 39.5” / 4.Keshawn Martin, MCSt, 39.5”
    • Broad Jump – 1.Stephen Hill, Gtch, 11’1” / 2.Chris Owusu, Stan, 10’9” / 3.Jerrell Jackson, Mizz, 10’7” / 4.Kashif Moore, Conn, 10’6” / 4.Mohamed Sanu, Rut, 10’6”
    • 3 Cone Drill – 1.Junior Hemingway, Mich, 6.59s / 2.Danny Coale, Vtch, 6.69s / 3.TJ Graham, NCSt, 6.77s / 4.Marvin Jones, Cal,6.81s / 5.Jerrel Jackson, Mizz, 6.82s / 5.Kashif Moore, Conn, 6.82s
    • 20 Yard Shuttle – 1.Junior Hemingway, Mich, 3.98s / 1.Eric Page, Tol, 3.98s / 3.Jarius Wright, Ark, 4.03s / 4.Kashif Moore, Conn, 4.05s / 5.Marvin McNutt, Iow, 4.07s
    • 60 Yard TD Shuttle – 1.Jerrell Jackson, Mizz, 11.08s / 2.Junior Hemingway, Mich, 11.16s / 2.Keshawn Martin, MCSt, 11.16s / 4.Jarrett Boykin, Vtch, 11.22s / 4.Danny Coale, Vtch, 11.22s / 4.Chris Owusu, Stan, 11.22s
    • *Kashif Moore, New Combine Record – Vertical Jump
  • Michael Floyd and Stephen Hill were the two most impressive wide outs of the days as both put together excellent workouts. At 6’3”, 220lbs, Floyd showed fantastic speed with an official 4.47 in the 40 and displayed his terrific receiving ability and route running. He is now firmly the No.2 Wide Receiver available in the draft after Kendall Wright disappointed. Looking to follow in the footsteps of former Georgia Tech WR and first round pick Demaryius Thomas, Hill blew scouts away with a 4.36 in the 40 to tie for the fastest time, while leading the way with an 11’1” broad jump and an impressive 39.5” vertical to finish among the top five in the drill. He also looked good in all of the receiver drills and probably made the biggest move up draft boards of all the wide outs. Marvin Jones, Danny Coale, A.J.Jenkins and Chris Givens put in good performances. Jones looked great at the Senior Bowl and has had one of the best off-seasons on any prospect. Mohamed Sanu did well in the receiving drills, but ran a very slow 4.67 in the 40. Tommy Streeter ran very well, but showed that he is still very raw as a receiver. Top rated Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon was unable to compete in any of the measurable drills due to a hamstring injury, but gave it go in receiving drills and looked solid. He didn’t help or hurt his stock, though there will be a lot of eyes on him and added pressure when he performs at Oklahoma State’s pro day. There were a number of disappointing performances from the Wide Receiver group starting with Kendall Wright. He ran a surprisingly slow 40 at just 4.61, which shocked many after he was thought to be able to challenge for one of the fastest times of anyone at the Combine. He didn’t stand out either during any other drill. He will have to hope for a better performance at his pro day and that his terrific game tape holds up to maintain his first round status. Alshon Jeffrey began his Combine well by coming in at 216lbs instead of a reported 250lbs that he was believed to be following the season, but then chose not to compete in drills which raised more than a few eyebrows, especially those who had hoped he would run the 40 and answer major questions about his speed and agility. Reuben Randle and Dwight Jones were very disappointing, while Juron Criner and Greg Childs also struggled.
  • Bench Press – Defensive Linemen, Linebackers
    • DL – 1.Dontari Poe, Mem, 44 reps / 2.Loni Fangupo, BYU, 36 reps / 2.Mike Martin, Mich, 36 reps / 2.Kendall Reyes, Conn, 36 reps / 5.Marcus Forston, Mia, 35 reps / 5.Nick Perry, USC, 35 reps / 5.Alameda Ta’amu, Was, 35 reps / 5.Brandon Thompson, Clem, 35 reps
    • LB – 1.Ronnell Lewis, Okla, 36 reps/ 2.Demario Davis, AKSt, 32 reps/ 3.Miles Burris, SDSt, 31 reps / 4.Ryan Baker, LSU, 30 reps / 5.Brandon Marshall, Nev, 28 reps
    • *Ronnell Lewis – New Combine Record – Bench Press
  • Weigh-In Results/Measurements – Cornerbacks, Safeties
    • Tallest: S George Iloka, BSSt, 6’4” / CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Ala, 6’2”
    • Shortest: S Trent Robinson, MCSt, 5’10” / CB Antonio Fenelus, Wisc, 5’8”
    • Heaviest: S George Iloka, BSSt, 225lbs / CB Robert Blanton, ND 208lbs
    • Lightest: S Janzen Jackson, McNSt, 188lb / CB Cliff Harris, Oreg, 175lbs
    • Longest Arms: S Mark Barron, Ala, 33 5/8” / CB Morris Claiborne, LSU, 33 ¼”
    • Shortest Arms: CB Charles Brown, UNC, 28 7/8”
  • Notable Players
    • Mark Barron, Ala, 6’1:, 213lbs, 33 5/8” long arms
    • Antonio Allen, Scar, 6’1”, 210lbs, 32 ½” long arms
    • Dwight Bentley, LALAF, 5’10”, 182lbs, 30 ¼” long arms
    • Brandon Boykin, Geo, 5’9”, 182lbs, 31 ½” long arm
    • Morris Claiborne, LSU, 5’11”, 188lbs, 33 ¼” long arms
    • Alfonzo Dennard, Neb, 5’10”, 204lbs, 30” long arms
    • Stephon Gilmore, Scar, 6’0”, 190lbs, 31” long arms
    • Jayron Hosley, Vtch, 5’10”, 178lbs, 30 7/8” long arms
    • George Iloka, BSSt, 6’4”, 225lbs, 34 ½” long arms
    • Janzen Jackson, McNSt, 5’11”, 188lbs, 31” long arms
    • Janoris Jenkins, NAla, 5’10”, 193lbs, 32” long arms
    • Trumaine Johnson, Mont, 6’2”, 204lbs, 33 ¼” long arms
    • Dre Kirkpatrick, Ala, 6’2”, 186lbs, 30 5/8” long arms
    • Markelle Martin, OKSt, 6’1”, 207lbs, 32” long arms
    • Chase Minnifield, Virg, 5’10”, 183lbs, 31 ½” long arms
    • Harrison Smith, ND, 6’2”, 213lbs, 32 5/8” long arms
  • Weigh-In Analysis
    • Top rated Cornerback Morris Claiborne measured in about where scouts expected at 5’11, 188lbs while showing off the longest arms among the corners at 33 ¼”, along with Trumaine Johson. Dre Kirkpatrick had impressive height at 6’2”, though he weighed just 186lbs and has relatively short arms at just 30 5/8”. Adding weight may not be a good thing either as he already has slight struggles with turning and running downfield after receivers. The much maligned Janoris Jenkins looked great for a smaller corner at 5’10”, 193lbs and was bigger and thicker than most expected. If he can satisfy off the field concerns in interviews with teams, he could be moving ahead of Kirkpatrick as the consensus No.2 Cornerback behind Claiborne. Stephon Gilmore also looked great with excellent size and with a good performance could find himself contending for a spot late in the first round. Day 2 possibilities Chase Minnifield and Jayron Hosley were smaller than expected and will need to fill out a bit to hang with the more physical NFL receivers. Cliff Harris was also very skinny at just 175lbs, but does have good height at 5’11”. He will need to add more weight to his frame. As for the Safety prospects, Boise’s George Iloka was the biggest man of the group at 6’4”, 225lbs with the longest arms of any defensive back with 34 ½”. He performed well at the Senior Bowl and is hoping to continue to see his stock rise with a good Combine. Top rated Safety Mark Barron measured in slightly smaller than his listed measurements, though is still a specimen at 6’1”, 210lbs and may have lost a little of his size as he just had double sports hernia surgery not too long ago. He won’t compete in drills at the Combine and may not be ready for Alabama’s pro day either. He should still be selected in the first round as he has excellent game tape.
  • Media mentions: North Alabama’s Janoris Jenkins was the focus of the media session as he faced numerous questions about his many off the field concerns, specifically with marijuana that caused him to be kicked off the Florida Gators as well as other incidents with the law. Jenkins spoke very clearly and honestly about his past problems stating that he is done with marijuana and focused on being a good father and example to his four young children, three of which are boys, and on becoming the player he should be. Jenkins was a beast while at Florida, including shutting down the likes of A.J. Green, Julio Jones and Alshon Jeffrey in past years.
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