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Written By: Mark Scott

The workouts at the NFL Combine are in full swing as the Offensive Linemen and Tight Ends took the field on Saturday, while the Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers were weighed in and participated in the bench press before they take to the field to compete in their set of drills and workouts. Meanwhile more media sessions were taking place off the field as the Defensive Linemen and Linebackers talked to the press.  Player Interviews with teams are also in full effect as the Combine progresses.

  • Workout Results – Tight End
    • 40 Yard Dash – 1.James Hanna, Okla, 4.49 / 2.Ladarius Green, LALAF, 4.53 / 3.Evan Rodriguez, Temp, 4.58 / 4.Michael Egnew, Mizz, 4.62 / 5.Drake Dunsmore, NWSt, 4.64
    • Vertical Jump – 1.Michael Egnew, Mizz, 36” / 1.James Hanna, Okla, 36” / 1.DeAngelo Peterson, LSU, 36” / 1.Evan Roriguez, Temp, 36” / 5.Drake Dunsmore, NWSt, 35.5”
    • Broad Jump – 1.Michael Egnew, Mizz, 10’11” / 2.Ladarius Green, LALAF, 10’4” / 3.James Hanna, Okla, 10’2” / 4.Emil Igwenagu, Mass, 10’1” / 4.DeAngelo Peterson, LSU, 10’1”
    • 3 Cone Drill – 1.Drake Dunsmore, NWSt, 6.73s / 2.James Hanna, Okla, 6.76s / 3.Evan Rodriguez, Temp, 6.94s / 4.Michael Egnew, Mizz, 7.03s / 5.Dwayne Allen, Clem, 7.12s
    • 20 Yard Shuttle – 1.Drake Dunsmore, NWSt, 4.03s / 2.James Hanna, Okla, 4.11s / 3.Evan Rodriguez, Temp, 4.28s / 4.Michael Egnew, Mizz, 4.32s / 5.Dwayne Allen, Clem, 4.37s
    • 60 Yard TD Shuttle – 1.James Hanna, Okla, 11.43s / 1.Evan Rodriguez, Temp, 11.43s / 3.Drake Dunsmore, NWSt, 11.47s / 4.Emil Igwenagu, Mass, 11.50s / 5.David Paulson, Oreg, 11.90s
    • Bench Press – 1.Orson Charles, Geo, 35 reps / 2.Dwayne Allen, Clem, 27 reps / 2.Coby Fleener, Stan, 27 reps / 4.James Hanna, Okla, 24 reps/ 5.Drake Dunsmore, NWSt, 21 reps / 5.Michael Egnew, Mizz, 21 reps / 5.David Paulson, Oreg, 21 reps
    • *Michael Egnew, New Record-Broad Jump, *Orson Charles, New Record-Bench Press
  • The unheralded was the story of the Tight End workouts as a number of mid to late round prospects made names for themselves during Saturday’s drills including Michael Egnew, James Hanna, Drake Dunsmore and Evan Rodriguez put on great performances and were among the tops in the majority of categories. Egnew struggled this season after a great Junior year and had seen his stock fall way down the boards, but he certainly made up for that as he looked great on the field in every drill including setting a new Combine record in the Broad Jump. Two of the top rated Tight Ends, Dwayne Allen and Orson Charles had decent Combines, but really didn’t stand out the ways scouts thought and while they still remain at the top of the Tight End list, they may now be out of first round consideration and looking at being selected well into the second round. The other top rated Tight End Coby Fleener only competed in the bench press finishing tied for second with Allen and behind the new Bench Press Combine Record holder Charles, while sitting out the rest of the drills due to ankle injury.
  • Workout Results – Offensive Linemen
    • 40 Yard Dash – 1.Donald Stephenson, Okla, 4.94 / 2.Matt Kalil, USC, 4.99 / 3.Adam Gettis, Iow, 5.00 / 4.Desmond Wynn, Rut, 5.05 / 5. Tom Compton, SDK, 5.11
    • Vertical Jump – 1.Donald Stephenson, Okla, 35.5” / 2.Desmond Wynn, Rut, 32.5” / 3.Adam Gettis, Iow, 31.5” / 3.Rishaw Johnson, Cal (PA), 31.5” / 3.Amini Silatolu, MWSt 31.5”
    • Broad Jump – 1.Donald Stephenson, Okla, 9’6” / 2. Adam Gettis, Iow, 9’4” / 3.Tom Compton, SDK, 9’0” / 3.Rishaw Johnson, Cal (PA), 9’0” / 5.Amini Silatolu, MWSt, 8’11”
    • 3 Cone Drill – 1.David DeCastro, Stan, 7.3s / 2.Matt Kalil, USC, 7.33s / 3.Brandon Mosely, Aub, 7.43s / 4.Taylor Dever, ND, 7.49s / 4.Nate Potter, BSSt, 7.49s
    • 20 Yard Shuttle – 1.Rishaw Johnson, Cal (PA), 4.53s / 2.Andrew Datko, FSU, 4.54s / 3.David DeCastro, Stan, 4.56s / 4.Senio Kelemete, Was, 4.58s / 5.John Cullen, Uta, 4.59s
    • Bench Press – 1.David Molk, Mich, 41 reps / 2.David DeCastro, Stan, 34 reps / 3.Justin Anderson, Geo, 32 reps / 3.Tony Bergstrom, Uta, 32 reps / 3.Ryan Miller, Col, 32 reps / 3.Kelechi Osemele, IWSt, 32 reps / 3. Kevin Zeitler, Wisc, 32 reps
  • Most of the top guys showed up in the OLine group as Matt Kalil, David DeCastro and Cordy Glenn were all extremely impressive. Kalil and DeCastro clearly looked like professionals out on the field and certainly ready to start from Day One for someone. Scouts were highly impressed by the level of athleticism displayed by Glenn for a man of his mammoth size. While some thought Riley Reiff, the consensus #2 OT, looked good, I personally thought he looked a bit sloppy for a guy as highly rated as he is. Mike Adams didn’t shine the way scouts were hoping for either and was a major disappoint on the bench press. A number of potential Day 3 draft picks showed well during drills in Donald Stephenson, Adam Gettis, Desmond Wynn and Rishaw Johnson. Other good performances put on included Kevin Zeitler, Jeff Allen, Philip Blake and Kelechi Osemele. Potential first-rounder Jonathon Martin didn’t participate in drills because of food poisoning and will have some making up to do at his pro day.
  • Bench Press – Skill Players
    • RB – 1.Doug Martin, BSSt, 28 reps / 1.Robert Turbin, UTSt, 28 reps / 3.Jewel Hampton, SILL, 26 reps / 4.Tauren Poole, Tenn, 24 reps / 5.Vick Ballard, MSST, 23 reps / 5.Davin Meggett, MYLD, 23 reps
    • WR – 1.Jerrell Jackson, Mizz, 22 reps / 1.Marvin Jones, Cal, 22 reps / 3.Ryan Broyles, Okla, 21 reps / 3.Junior Hemingway, Mich, 21 reps / 5.Rishard Matthews, Nev, 20 reps
    • QB – 1.Jordan Jefferson, LSU, 14 reps / 1.Darron Thomas, Oreg, 14 reps
  • Weigh-Ins/Measurements – Defensive Linemen/Linebacker
    • Tallest: Quinton Coples, UNC, 6’6”
    • Heaviest: Alameda Ta’amu, Was, 348lbs / Dontari Poe, Mem, 346lbs
    • Longest Arms: Chandler Jones, Syr, 35 ½” / Akiem Hicks, Reg (CAN), 35 1/8”
    • Notable Players
      • Michael Brockers, LSU, 6’5”, 322lbs, 35” long arms
      • Quinton Coples, UNC, 6’6”, 284lbs, 33 ¼” long arms
      • Fletcher Cox, MSST, 6’4”, 298lbs, 34 ½” long arms
      • Melvin Ingram, SCAR, 6’1”, 264lbs, 31 ½” long arms
      • Whitney Mercilus, Ill, 6’4”, 261lbs, 33 7/8” long arms
      • Nick Perry, USC, 6’3”, 271lbs, 33” long arms
      • Dontari Poe, Mem, 6’4”, 346lbs, 32” long arms
      • Devon Still, PSU, 6’5”, 303lbs, 33 ¼” long arms
      • Jerel Worthy, MCSt, 6’2”, 308lbs, 33” long arms
      • Zach Brown, UNC, 6’1”, 244lbs, 33 ¼” long arms
      • Vontaze Burfict, AZSt, 6’1”, 248lbs, 31 ¼” long arms
      • Dont’a Hightower, Ala, 6’2”, 265lbs, 32 5/8” long arms
      • Luke Kuechly, BC, 6’3”, 242lbs, 31” long arms
      • Courtney Upshaw, Ala, 6’2”, 272lbs, 32” long arms
  • Weigh-In Analysis
    • A number of players looked great at the weigh-ins like Quinton Coples, Jerel Worthy, Chandler Jones and Whitney Mercilus, but it was LSU sophomore Michael Brokers who really stole the show at 6’5”, 322lbs with 35” arms. Nick Perry, Frank Alexander, Shea McClennin and Jonathon Massaquoi added significant weight to their frames, while Dontari Poe, Devon Still, Melvin Ingram and Andre Branch weighed in lighter than expected, especially Branch who looked very small next to everyone else. Alabama’s Courtney Upshaw and Dont’a Hightower are massive linebackers, especially Hightower for an inside linebacker and he could be moved to the outside as a pass rusher. As expected Zach Brown looked great and had actually added 8 more pounds to his body since the Senior Bowl and could now draw interest from 3-4 defenses instead of teams that just run the 4-3 scheme. LaVonte David also helped his cause to remaining as a linebacker by adding more weight and getting bigger as some thought he would have to be moved to safety.
  • Media Mentions: Devon Still threw down the gauntlet to his other Defensive Tackles proclaiming that he is “hands down” the top DT in the draft. There was also a lot of talk about Peyton Manning, including Manning’s long time Center Jeff Saturday saying that the Colts QB would absolutely be back and be great in 2012.
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